Designing, Prototyping, Building

Our combined team of architects and carpenters delivers unique construction solutions, prototypes and interiors fast and reliable. Based in Zurich, we plan and execute projects in Switzerland, as well as abroad. 

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Feasibility Studies
Conceptual Planning
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Permit Process
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Execution Planning
Construction Supervision

100 % of the Planning Phases

From the first assessments and ideas up to delivering the built product — we lead a project through all the phases of the planning and construction process, including studies, permitting, fundraiser docs and construction.

Raumeinheit_Architecture_Bramham_Gardens_London_Floor Plan_Comparison_Before Raumeinheit_Architecture_Bramham_Gardens_London_Floor Plan_Comparison_After

Added Value Through Design

Extra floor area, better usage of space, better lighting — we constantly strive to create added value through our designs, both in new construction and refurbishments.

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Property Value Increase
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Floor Area

(Bramham Gardens Project)

Designing, Prototyping, Building​
100% of the Planning Phases
Added Value Through Design