Zurich, Switzerland


Innovative Co-Working on Bahnhofstrasse

“WeSpace” is a co-working office in the heart of Zurich on Bahnhofstrasse. Raumeinheit has developed the floor plan layout and design, as well as built the interior partitions and library elements.

The movable library elements had to be conceived with maximized flexibility in mind: each element can be moved effortlessly around the space. By designing them with vertical symmetry, it is possible to switch them upside down, adding further options to their possible arrangement.


The meeting room had to allow for closure and noise protection, without sacrificing view connections and the open spacial feeling. Instead of purchasing a pre-made window wall, RAUMEINHEIT suggested to reuse recycled windows and a door from old Swiss farm houses, which were available in large quantities and almost zero cost. The window wall has since become a visual emblem of the resource-conscious, smart and locally rooted approach of the design and WeSpace.

The library elements, together with the furniture layout, carefully create zones within the compact floor area: They separate a quiet, library-like area from the general, more social work space.

The interior design was developed together with WeSpace. It should accommodate the co-working area as a new platform centered around women and inspired by female industry leaders.

RAUMEINHEIT went in less than three months from the first sketches to the finished product. The fast schedule required for the fast use of visualization techniques and mock-ups to efficiently test various spatial configurations. 

The floor plan layout balances the wish for a separation of zones with the desire to have as much opennes and light as possible flooding across the entire space. This was achieved by using pre-existing conditions, such as niches for the reading room (“Leseraum”) and partitioning them with fixed and movable elements.

The library elements double up as storage and reading loungers, offering a variety of possible work spaces. They can also be rolled and stored away completely, in order to open up the entire space for large events and gatherings.

The design for WeSpace introduces ideas from residential and recreational design into the office plan: The farm house window wall, integrated cozy loungers and a warm color palette create a space not only for working, but also for living. At the same time, the efficiency of a contemporary office space was achieved.

Services Delivered
· Interior Design 
· Construction

WeSpace GmbH

Bahnhofstrasse 62
8001 Zurich

Time Frame 
May – August 2018

Project Status