Timber Frame Apartment

Zurich, Switzerland

Timber Frame House

Incorporating the wooden structure into the spatial design

The conversion of a historic timber frame house with six floors involved removing multiple layers of gypsum board in order to renovate and show the original wooden structure of the building. The floor plan was carefully adjusted to connect the kitchen and living room spaces.

lAll wood beams were carefully cleaned, examined and restored. The traditional, white painted wood panelling on the walls was repaired and completed, where parts were missing.

The kitchen used to be a narrow, dead end space, too small to fit a table. RAUMEINHEIT removed the wall between living room and kitchen, with only the wooden load-bearing structure remaining. Both spaces are connected and an oval table was integrated to double up as kitchen preparation and dining space.


The whole house is made up of a timber frame structure, with wooden beams and floors. On the inside, nothing of that was visible after the last renovation during the 1990’s. 

RAUMEINHEIT removed all gypsum cladding on walls and ceilings. Walls were reconstructed with traditional wood panels, painted in white. Gypsum was restricted to the ceiling area, were it was now fitted in between the wooden beams in order to generate a greater standing height in the small rooms.

By engaging the wooden load-bearing structure into the design and opening up the spaces where possible, the apartments today seems much bigger than most units of similar size. Every corner on each of the 660sf (66m2) floors was utilized in order to create a pleasant and practical living space.

Services Delivered
· Architecture 
· Interior Design 
· Construction


Zurich, Switzerland

Time Frame 
April 2017 – February 2020

Project Status