Tapas Bar

Zurich, Switzerland

Tapas Bar

Upscale Dining in a Historic Building

The tapas bar is a conversion of a 60sqm retail space into a fully equipped restaurant. Every corner of the narrow medieval building was used, whose old walls and beams were restored as part of the interior design. A state of the art kitchen and ventilation system were planned, permitted and executed.

The kitchen in the shape of a bar counter forms the center point of the restaurant. This arrangement refers to traditional Spanish tapas restaurants and bars and allows for an easy-going interaction between staff and guests: Dining almost like in a family setting.

Meal preparation becomes a spectacle and is carried out before the eyes of the guests. The open kitchen arrangement lead to increased requirements for the ventilation system air cleansing and extraction. 

The interior design of the bar is rooted in the medieval and compact structure of the building: Warm wooden surfaces integrate with the stone walls and form a cozy and informal setting.

The bar is accessed from street level on the right hand side of the plan and stretches far into the medieval building with it’s ancient and heavy walls and no natural light. The plan arrangement takes advantage of the space by situating a family dining table in the rear part that still has a direct connection to the kitchen bar.

While the bar and restaurant floor exhibits the ancient stone walls with focus on the tapas cooking and dining experience, all technical installations were submerged into an existing 4′ (1.20m) high basement space.

Services Delivered
· Interior Design 
· Construction Supervision

Gallego GmbH

Rosengasse 7
8001 Zurich

Time Frame 
July 2017 – December 2017

Project Status