Swim Pier

Coatepeque, El Salvador

Swim Pier

Adopting to changing water levels in a volcano crater

The swim pier consists of a round floating platform, held in place by a central lighting column. It can adopt to changing water levels in the lake of Coatepeque, El Salvador. 

Coatepeque is a former volcano crate that has filled up with fresh water and over time became todays’ lake. Due to seismic activity at the bottom of the lake, the water levels can drop and increase substantially over short periods of time. The swim pier remains functional for height changes of 6′ (2m).


The load bearing structure is fabricated in steal, with air tanks included in between the trusses. Wooden shoulders and planks provide a comfortable cladding to walk on barefoot.

The concrete column is hold in place by a stone block foundation and prevents the whole platform from tilting during strong winds and gusts.

At the center of the round floating platform, a circular bench provides a comfortable place to relax, get ready for water sports or wait for the water taxi. 

Coatepeque is enclosed by steep slopes with winding, slow roads. Hence, water taxis and boats are a more convenient and fast means of transport. The pier does not only serve as a starting point for recreational activities, but also forms an adequate and festive arrival setting for the lake-side house. 

During the nightly hours, the column functions as a light house that guides boats to their destination.

Services Delivered
· Architecture


Lago de Coatepeque, El Salvador

Time Frame 
May 2014 – January 2015

Project Status