Paris, France


Long Term Parking at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport

The design for Parkéa aims to rethink the contemporary parking facility as a friendly place accentuated by natural elements. Instead of negatively impacting its surrounding, it creates a natural and economic buffer to the growing and noisy nearby airport.

Conceived as a long-term parking facility for Charles de Gaulle Airport, Parkéa features colored rows of parking, each with a distinct set of plants and surface materials. Rows of colored fences, inspired by rural farm fences, act as plant lattice and also incorporate the lighting. Together, these elements introduce vertical elements of orientation and break up the strict and monotonous logic of a parking space.


A central canopy runs all along the facility and guides the customers to a central shuttle station. Equipped with a shelter, kiosk and sanitary facilities, it is the starting point for the direct bus connection to the airport terminals.


The airport, together with it’s ancillary areas of cargo and production facilities keep expanding outward. This puts enormous economic pressure on the fields that surround the village of Le Mesnil Amelot. Parkéa creates value on its site not by adding more industrial facilities, but by introducing its green and friendly parking concept. As such it can act as a green buffer between the airport and the village.

Services Delivered
· Architecture 
· Masterplanning

Parkéa Corp., Julien Dufour

Paris Charles de Gaules Airport
Le Mesnil Amelot

Time Frame 
March 2016 – March 2017

Project Status 
Design Development Completed