Invictus Capital Offices

San Salvador, El Salvador

Invictus Capital Offices

Optimizing workspace openness and privacy

Conversion of an old industrial building into representative office space: The spatial design reflects the client’s focus on sustainability and alternative investment strategies. A combined archive/lighting installation allows a view between the office areas and separates the individual functions.

Shared office spaces are integrated into the open plan. While light is flowing through the whole space, strategically positioned storage elements provide visual protection.

A grid of combined storage, planting and separation modules structures the space and accommodates a variety of functions.

The interior walls are broken up by large glazed partitions that are positioned in order to prevent views of sensitive areas, while letting light in.

The structuring grid elements provide a back-bone for the design, into which the different work and meeting areas are plugged in. It creates a recognizable and recurring identity throughout the office, yet allowing each space a unique identity.

Services Delivered
· Interior Design

Invictus Capital SA
San Salvador

San Salvador, El Salvador

Time Frame 
February 2020 – January 2021

Project Status 
Under Construction