Fort Morgan

Roatan, Honduras

Fort Morgan Cay

Running a self-sustained Caribbean island

Fort Morgan Cay is a private island in the Western Caribbean. RAUMEINHEIT has developped and implemented a renovation and operation concept, including utilities and infrastructure, erosion and bug control, architecture, interior design, marketing and hospitality product development.


The island features an array of wooden houses that were in desolate condition when RAUMEINHEIT took over management. The roofs were leaking, resulting in water damage throughout the facility. The power infrastructure was inoperable and far from international safety standards. 


The facilities include seven cozy and rustic bedrooms that are rented out to guest groups of up to fourteen people. A local management and hospitality team provides hospitality services and a full board.

The island of Roatan has an international airport that is served by direct flights from Miami, Houston, Atlanta and many seasonal destinations in the US and Latin America. Fort Morgan Cay is located on the more natural and pristine Eastern end of Roatan, as a part of the Coral Reef that protects the natural harbor of Port Royal.


Located in a largely untouched natural setting, Fort Morgan Cay is the excellent starting point for all kinds of water activities, including sailing, kayaking, diving and kite surfing. At the same time, the secluded situation provides an ongoing challenge for a resilient and minimal intrusive hospitality operation.

Fort Morgan Cay generates its own electrical power from solar panels with a battery backup system. All domestic water is collected from rain water and stored in large tanks inside of the buildings’ foundations. Waste water is collected, and regularly brought to the professional waste treatment facility on Roatan.


Being not only close, but literally one with nature, the operation on Fort Morgan Cay attaches great importance to sustainable, non-invasive procedures. As such, it is a donator and patron of the Roatan Marine Park and has been establishing its own Coral Regrowth Program.


RAUMEINHEIT has been establishing infrastructures and procedures on Fort Morgan Cay since 2015 and continues to improve the facilities and the product. As such, Fort Morgan Cay has also been a testing ground for RAUMEINHEIT’s other architectural projects in Honduras and El Salvador: in terms of local construction methods and detailing, as well as in terms of climate responsive design. It has helped define architectural elements that can offer comfortable spaces during any of the many weather conditions, from tropical rain storms to the oppressive heat of the Caribbean sun.


Fort Morgan Cay has a history dating back to the 1700’s as a pirate’s nest and British colony base. The ruins of the fort that protected the only entrance to the natural harbor of Port Royal are still present today. As history goes, an adventurer named Sir Michael Hedges was the last one to discover treasure on Fort Morgan Cay. The sale of two treasure chests is documented with Sotheby’s in New York, as is the purchase of a castle in Scotland that Sir Michael undertook with the funds of the auction. Today, we wonder if he was telling the truth when he claimed to have found three treasure chests of which one remains hidden on Fort Morgan Cay.

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· Masterplanning 
· Construction Supervision


Port Royal
Roatan, Bay Islands

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Since November 2015 

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