Casa West End

Roatan, Honduras

Casa West End

Eco-friendly house on the waterfront

The plot for this vacation home is located right at Caribbean sea, with water surrounding it on three sides from East to West. The facades maximize the shading while framing beautiful views on the ocean at the same time. The project strives to maximize comfort with an eco-friendly system.

The facade is clad in colorful shading that is oriented hozirontally on the North, East and South facades. On the West facade, large vertical louvers are oriented vertically, in order to protect from the afternoon sun, which is the most intense in thise tropical region.

The construction of the house follows the sun path: The East facade has a slim double layer of glass windows with shading curtains in front. Towards the South and South-West, a terrace area provides shading from the high noon and afternoon sun. The West Facades are angled up, in order to avoid the direct West-exposure.

The house features two floors, with a combined living and cooking area on the ground floor and four bedrooms, of which three are located on the upper floor. The arrangement of the rooms balances views towards the outside and the desire for privacy.


The plot originally featured a helicopter landing pit on a small peninsula in West End, Roatan. Building regulation prohibits the construction of new structures in the area; however, a new construction on top of the existing helipad foundation was permissible.

The house sits on the existing helipad of 7m x 7m (25′ x 25′) and cantilevers out to the sides. This way, the shore around it remains intact and planting can reach right up to the new house.


With respect to locally available construction methods, it was decided to base the wooden house on top of a steel frame for added stability. Also, an array of concrete walls in the core is being implemented in order to guarantee hurricane and surge protection.

In order to protect the steel from the harsh salt environment, all concrete coverings are measured to international coastal standards. The steel beams will be covered with a fiber glass coating, applied by a local boat builder.


Services Delivered
· Architecture 
· Construction
· Construction Supervision


West End, Roatan, Honduras

Time Frame 
June 2019 – November 2021

Project Status 
Under Construction