Bramham Gardens

Kensington, London (UK)

Bramham Gardens

Rebuilding a Row House Flat

For the Bramham Gardens apartment conversion in London, all interior walls were removed and a new floor plan was implemented. The apartment now has a larger usable floor area with ample and luxurious rooms, resulting in a significant increase in property value.

The new reception room stretches along the whole street-facing facade of the apartment, allowing for plenty of light. Two bedrooms used to be arranged here next to each other, resulting in narrow and cramped spaces.

The apartment access leads through the reception room; hallways were avoided throughout the whole design in order to use the space efficiently.

The entrance niche, recessed from the reception room and providing a comfortable place to arrive, dress and enter the apartment. A powder room is accessible from here as well.


Despite its urban and central location, the apartment offers plenty of views outside, namely to adjacent Bramham Gardens. No square meter was wasted: The wall partitions that frame the kitchen are conceived as poché space that accommodate technical installations and cupboards.

The recessed ceiling above the kitchen area accommodates a steel frame that was installed instead of the old interior walls. It also sets the kitchen as a functional space apart from the more representative reception and dining areas.


Raumeinheit decided to switch the apartment ‘public’ with the ‘private’ areas for this conversion: the bedrooms were moved to the Bramham Gardens facing side on the left, each now with an en-suite bathroom. The rest of the apartment was opened up completely into a single open living, cooking and dining area.

The old apartment layout saw narrow hallways leading to a small living room. By improving the access and stairs, as well as demolishing much of the wall partitions, a significant increase in the usable floor area could be realized.


The master bedroom opens up to the adjecent Bramham Gardens. With much light coming in through the bay windows, the room feels spacious despite its compact layout.

By arranging the bedroom on top of each other in the split level section of the apartment, an efficient distribution of space could be reached.


The original apartment layout already saw a split level section in the rear part of the floor plan. The access stairs were remodelled to save space and the room was fitted with built-in household closets that also accommodate the technical installations of the apartment.

Services Delivered
· Architecture 
· Interior Design 
· Construction Supervision


Kensington, London (UK)

Time Frame 
June 2016 – March 2017

Project Status