Battery Startup Office

Dübendorf, Switzerland

Battery Start Up

Creating a new office setup around interaction and rapid production

Transparent and open design: The company from the technology industry lives strong and creative teamwork; the transparent rooms allow everyone the maximize perspectives on the activities of the office. The need for secluded work areas is satisfied by individual futuristic meeting rooms distributed freely around the open space.

Fluid spaces for fast iterative development cycles: Quick agile Development cycles of the teams are supported by the flexible and adaptive interior design. The transition between top-equipped workstations and interactive Huddle Team Rooms is fluent.

Demonstration of the core technology and sample production line: At the core
of the office space is a rapid prototyping laboratory for the quick development and testing of manufacturing components. The transparent, dirt- and soundproof construction guarantees effectiveness of the production teams and allows clients to view the production hands-on.

Services Delivered
· Interior Design


Dübendorf, Switzerland

Time Frame 
November 2019 – August2020

Project Status 
Under Construction