Raumeinheit GmbH was founded by Eric Bloch and Karl Wruck. Both met during the first year of their architecture studies at the ETH and have since been realizing projects together. 
Raumeinheit has a strong record of working within a historic context. In order to do justice to the built structure which has often been extended and rebuilt over the course centuries, Raumheit decided to hire a carpenter and handle the whole process from planning all the way to execution. This way, planning and execution can inspire and enhance each other. 
Before coming to Switzerland, Eric had graduated in Urbanism and Economics from Stanford University and Karl had been involved in various international architecture competitions. Both graduated with a Master of Science in Architecture from ETH Zurich. Yves has grown up in close-by Winterthur and has been working as a Carpenter for many years before joining Raumeinheit. In addition to our full time staff, Raumeinheit works with free-lance carpenters and workers to complete each project on time and efficiently.